Section 6

Trouble Shooting

The following list identifies some of the problems you may encounter in servicing a Balplan microscope and gives the recommended solution to each problem. If you encounter problems not included in the following list, call the Bausch & Lomb Factory Service Representative at 716-338-6594.

Base 1. Filament of lamp not centered Refer to Section 5.6.1
2. Lamp burned out Refer to Section 5.6
3. Cracked lampholder Order replacement (See Parts List, Section 7)
4. Buttons on transformer bent Carefully bend back into proper position
5. Lamp doesn't come on Clean contacts
6. Neutral density filter sticks Remove, clean, and lubricate
Condenser 1. Flip-in lens not centered Not critical. Lens is used to fill field of low power objectives with light.
Stage and Substage 1. Top substage pin won't release Clean and lubricate
2. Finger assembly will not tighten properly Order replacement (See Parts List, Section 7)
3. Substage fork doesn't move freely Refer to Section 3.6
4. Spring in FInger assembly missing or broken Return to B & L or order replacement (See Parts List)
5. Stage won't support weight of specimen Refer to Section 5.5.2
Head 1. Arrow image of pointer assembly out of focus Refer to Section 2.2.3
2. Spring clip missing Order replacement (See Parts List, Section 7

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