Carrying Case

A Carrying Case, Cat. No. 31-40-93, is available for the Balplan Microscope. This Case was designed for convenience of trans- portation and storage.

NOTE: It is not to be used as a Shipping Carton. The Carrying Case .will accept any assembled combination of Heads (Double Head not included). Stages, Condensers, Nosepieces, Optilume, Professional Optilume, or High Intensity Base Illuminator with the Base and Arm.

If your Balplan is equipped with the 45 Binocular Head, it is necessary to remove the Eyepieces and store them in the accessory rack provided. If the Eyepiece Tubes of the 45 Binocular Head have been set substantially outward for acuity adjustment, it may be necessary to screw them in to avoid interference with the cover. Thin accessories (Bertrand Lens Attachment, Slide Attachment) may be left on the Microscope with the 30 Binocular Head if the Eyepieces are removed.

If your equipment includes the High Intensity Base Illuminator or the Profes- sional Optilume, the line cord must be disconnected from the Base. It can be con- veniently stored by wrapping around the arms provided in the cover of the Case. The Balplan fits into the Carrying Case as shown in Fig. 17-1.

An accessory rack is provided to accept two Eyepieces, bottle of Immersion Oil, Triocular Tube and four Filters (2"). A box of Specimen Slides may be stored under the Accessory Rack. Provision has been made also for the storage of a Hemacytometer in its case. Fig. 17-2.

The Eye Guards should be removed from the Eyepieces and stored in the two holes provided in the foam pad on the case's cover.

Phase Contrast Accessories should be removed from the Microscope and stored in their own case.

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