Three Cameras are available to make Photomicrography possible with your Balplan Microscope. Each Camera consists of a Camera Body, Focusing Tube with built-in Shutter and Camera Lens. The Focusing Tube is common to all three Cameras. Only the Camera Bodies differ.

Any one of the three Cameras can be used to make photomicrographs in black and white or color. They are classified by size and by the types of film they use.

4X5 CAMERA (10X MAG.), CAT. NO. 42-12-28-15

This unit takes 4x5 film or plates. It will accommodate any Plate or Film Holder or other accessory which will fit a 4 x 5 Graphic or Graflex Back. 4x5 sheet films and plates are available in a wide variety of emulsions in both black and white and in color. POLAROID® Film Packets are also available in color or black and white.

A ground glass Focusing Screen is supplied with the unit.

3-1/4 X 4-1/4 POLAROID CAMERA (7.5X MAG.), CAT. NO. 42-12-27-15

The intermediate size Camera Body utilizes a POLAROID, Series 100,3-1/4 x4-l/4 Film Pack Back. POLAROID Film Packs, in black and white and in color permit instant photomicrographs of suitable size for normal viewing. Included with this Camera is a Viewfinder Adapter Plate which permits the use of a Standard Eyepiece or a Viewfinder Eyepiece to help in parfocalizing the film plane image.

®POLAROID is a registered trademark of the Polaroid Corp.

35mm CAMERA (3X or 5X MAG.), CAT. NO. 4-12-29-15

The 35mm Camera Body uses standard cartridges (cassettes) of the many emulsions offered in black and white or in color in this universally available size. The useful negative area is 24 x 36mm (about 1" x 1-1/2"). As with the 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 POLAROID® Camera Back, a Viewfinder Adapter Plate is furnished to aid inparfocalizing. 35mm film is especially suitable in situations where a large number of negatives are required or where color transparencies for projection are desired. In either case, compactness, rapidity of film transport and economy are important advantages.

Available also are the following accessories to aid you in your Photomicrography.


The Exposure Meter consists of a Light Sensor permanently connected to a Metering Unit by means of a flexible cord. The Metering Unit has been factory-calibrated to provide readings within the range of .02to 100 foot-candles. A circular Exposure Computer is supplied to convert from meter reading to exposure setting relative to Film Speed and Camera Magnification being used.

The unit is designed principally to be used in conjunction with the Bausch & Lomb Integrated Camera Series II which has an accessory slot for insertion of the Sensor. However, an auxiliary Sensor Holder is available permitting usage of the Sensor either at the Microscope Eyepiece position or at a film plane location.


The Viewing Screen is designed for use on the Balplan Microscope. It may be purchased as a complete unit consisting of a Viewing Screen (42-12-20), Optics Tube (42-12-21) and Slip Adapter (42-12-22) or the Viewing Screen may be purchased separately for use with the Focusing Tube of the New Integrated Camera Series II.

The unit has a magnification factor of 7.5X so Total Magnification at the Screen = Objective Mag. x 7.5.

The lens system is focusable thus allowing the image on the Screen to be parfocaled to the image in the right Eyepiece of the instrument it is being used on.


This Eyepiece offers great convenience in framing the image area to be photographed through a Microscope. In the center of its field is a crossline to aid in centering the image area. Three rectangular frames are visible in the Eyepiece. One frame represents the areas covered by the 3-1/4 x4-l/4 and the 4x5 Cameras. The other two frames represent the areas covered by the 35mm - 3X and the 35mm - 5X Cameras. Each frame is identified as such.


This Focusing Screen is a fine-ground Glass Screen with a clear center and clear rectangular area along each diagonal. The clear areas allow the operator to observe the image directly with a magnifier in a more critical focus.


The 4x5 Mirror Viewing Attachment is an adjustable Mirror that can be mounted on the top of the 4x5 Camera Body. The Mirror can be positioned such that the operator is able to focus and frame the image, on the ground glass, from a normal viewing position.

4X5 FILM HOLDERS, CAT. NO. 42-16-20

Polaroid No. 545 4" x 5" Film Holder takes Polaroid Film Packets in black and white and color.

4X5 CUT FILM HOLDER, CAT. NO. 42-15-40

This Holder accepts a wide variety of color and black and white sheet films.

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