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Main link linphone.org

Popup for password -  If the popup occurs it's because linphone needs it for chat, call,

SIP Account settings

proxy accounts(be sure to scroll down)

Transport  - most likely TLS
Route ?
Conference URI ??
Video Conference URI  ??

Enable AVPF -- Don't expect to have reliable video quality without AVPF

Enable ICE (on)


Calibration - works if volumes are about right


Video capture params

will want to set frame rate

Video codecs

H264 may require setting the correct permissions in ~/.local/share/linphone/codecs/  (go to directory and do - $chmod a+rx )

Video Display

Think this refers to conference calls?

Calls and Chat


Default everything off

Encryption settings?


Defrault is file server blank

network settings

Enable AVPF -- Don't expect to have reliable video quality without AVPF

Enable ICE (on)


Default is RFC2833  Allow IPv6 on

Bandwidth control

default is Both zeros with  enable adaptive rate is on


default is Auto

Network protocol and ports

default all on

Nat and firewall

Default is all off and blank

STUN tells a client its public IP so that client can in turn communicate its IP to the other participating client. 

Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) - Used to establish a direct UDP connection between two clients.
Traversal Using Relay around NAT (TURN) - Used to establish a relayed UDP or TCP connection between two clients. Here, the traffic must be relayed through the TURN server to bypass restrictive firewall rules, and the preference is UDP over TCP because TCP's guaranteed ordered delivery of packets implies overhead that is undesirable for real-time communications.

Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) is a standard for using STUN and TURN to establish connectivity between two endpoints.

DSCP Fields


User interface

UI data

Erase avatars -- but how to create?




Address book connector

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