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FreeCAD  freecad

Insert mark into Report view:
 FreeCAD.Console.PrintError("\n\n++++++++++++++++++++++ MARK ++++++++++\n") 


If sketches can't be opened - check the through/tip settings of the body.

Path tool Bar

Important to start off with origins placed from the edge of where the stock will be - FreeCad is not good at letting one change things after more items have been created.. makes errors appear..

We want the origin to be on the STOCK  - not the part..

Create Job dialog

When we create the 'path job'  click on the corner to the stock created and select set origin.

General tab

Output tab

Set processor to LinuxCNC (most likely)

Order by - most likely the default (fixture ) will work for you

Split output - creates separate files for each operation.

Setup Tab

Tools Tab

Workplan tab

Op Defaults tab


clearance_height is the top of all vises, clamps and other obstruction in the whole job. Any move AT OR ABOVE clearance height is assumed to be clear and can go at RAPID speed.

safe_height is the top of the stock material. Any move BELOW safe height must be at FEED rate except for retraction. Moves between safe height and clearance can be at RAPID speed within the operation but aren't guaranteed clear between ops.

start_depth is the top of the model.

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