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samsung key codes

recovery mode - Power + up-vol

Odin mode - restart with vol-up + vol-down + usb connected

Android - adb via usb

Using adb - backup example

 Install adb and connect to your device

On the droid (PIE) settings/system/buildnumber - click 7 times

settings/system/-advaned settings/developer-options  - Stay awake ( turn off when done)  - USB debuggin on

settings/system/-advaned settings/developer-options/default USB - File transfer - lets Linux dolphin connect to SD and file system -

Back-up your phone with out Google's nose up your..   creates a file called backup.ad

adb backup -noapk -obb -all -keyvalue   

Other tricks

 Find the process ID of K-9 Mail:

$ adb shell ps -A | grep k9

 The output will be similar to:

 u0_a153 5191 587 4468612 112380 SyS_epoll_wait 0 S com.fsck.k9.debug

 In this example the PID is 5191

 To capture the debug log in a file named k9-log.txt, enter the command:

$ adb logcat -d --pid=<PID> > k9-log.txt

Get list of commands

$ adb shell ls bin

List packages

$ adb shell pm list packages


As of Android Pid - If you go to an app - restrict permissions - they can still go around that and get permissions from the Google-play-SERVICES (the screw you service).. Also - the data permission is not there - you have to go to data usage - two places - both phone data and wifi..