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Waukesha Central Campus 1970

Please Read This Before Going to the Pictures

Where the Pictures Came From

In 1970, I and others, took pictures for the photography club. Some of these pictures were used for the Yearbook, but most were not. I took a portion of these pictures, but other's negatives are mixed in. I am not always sure which pictures I took. Sadly, my negatives were never returned to me.

Sometime that year, I was requested to make proof-sheets of the negatives - I ended up with some of the proof-sheets (minus the negatives) and have kept them over the years.

Example of 1970 8x10 proof
  sheet Example of 1970 8x10 proof Sheet

The quality of the original negatives varied - we were younger and learning to take pictures - focus and exposure was not alway correct, Some were motion blurred. (Learning was expensive and the feedback was time-delayed compared to today's digital cameras.) We developed the negatives ourselves with limited skills and equipment which also impacted the quality.

The proof sheets were never intended to preserve the material, only to serve as a reference for picking out pictures to enlarge. The proofs also had chemical spills on them from others. (Probably the ones that produced the yearbook?) The quality of the proofs was pretty good - I had used a stop bath, double hypo, and hypo-clearing agent so they have aged well.

The proof-sheets were sent off to a professional scanning service and had the 8x10s scanned at high resolution. I then rotated, clipped and tweaked the exposure curves as best as possible.

The pictures on the proofs were the same size as the negatives - quite small, so I underestimated the quality of the images. On the other hand, some were just not worth trying to recover - no recognizable faces etc.

The results are a bit eerie and interesting. Skirts were newly much shorter ( In 7th grade, I remember a girl being sent home for having a dress hemline that was just slightly above the knee). Some girls started wearing pants. Only four years earlier I watched as a principal (or councilor?) stood at the door in wait, and refused a boy entry to school for having hair over his ears - in 1970 such longer hair was suddenly common - even a couple of the male teachers were growing their hair longer. (I later got to know the boy, who never returned - an very bright orphaned Mexican boy who's loss of education saddens me to this day.)

Some pictures are not from school - some are of families that I don't know.

1970 Waukesha Central Campus Pictures

Help Identify People

If you have names - the normal method is to list the picture number and then the names starting in the back - left to right then the next row - again left to right. Then any comments and description that you might think of.

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