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Pressure Transducer Primer

Not All Pressure Transducers Are Created Equal

Often the cost of diagnosing and servicing a control system because of a failed transducer is many times the cost of the transducer. I have quoted transducers and lost the business for the difference of a few dollars only. Later, the customer comes back with tales of electronic failures, excessive thermal drift or leaking cables. Sometimes the devices just don't meet the claimed specification. Turns out that the manufacturers of poor transducers seem to thrive - they make more money because they are always selling replacements units. This is one of the reasons we got out of the Transducer business.

Use of 'dry air' transducers on compressed air lines can be a big mistake. Condensation and compressor oil can ruin these transducers. If you are not sure that the media is a dry gas use an all media transducer.

The most common cause of submersible failure is moisture on the backside of the transducer. This is most often due to poor quality cable jackets and/or seals to the transducer. We won't sell the SO cable jackets as a submersible cable because the rubber degrades over time, and can become porous. SO jacketed cables are meant for extension cords not underwater use.

The cable to transducer seal is also very important. It is easy to make a seal that last for a few months but quite a different story to make one that lasts for years.

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