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Hitachi C10FSH Secrets

The Hitachi C10FSH manual leaves more than it should to our imagination.

Fence adjustment

  1. To adjust square of fence to blade - loosen left side and set with a square to the blade.
  1. Then use straight edge and do the fence on the right.

LASER repair and adjustment

If you have to replace the laser - beware there are lots of springs, set screws and more springs - you will need the parts diagram and need to work carefully. Study the assembly diagram for a long time before disassembling

There are 4 spring loaded screws:

  1. The one on the back just keeps the whole thing tensioned.
  2. The one on the left is the right left adjustment.
  3. removing the plug on the bottom gives you access to the set screw to tilt the vertical plane of the LASER beam - use the edge of a perfectly square block and adjust for maximum size of what the LASER illuminates.
  4. There is a secret hole under the LASER warning label that lets you adjust the plane to be parallel to the saw blade. Put some tape over this when finished to keep saw dust out of the LASER assembly.

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