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HTML - Phones and VoIP

As someone that set up a modem to dial phone numbers as far back as the 1990's, I've found it strange that few people use the tricks to dial phone numbers off of web pages. There is a bit of a standard.

Telephone Links

<a href="tel:+1%28785%29_841_3089">+1(785) 841 3089</a>

SIP Links

<a href=sip:user@example.com>Click to call user</a>

hmm looks like there is also a IM tag

<a href=sip:user@example.com>Click to IM user</a>

Even two at once

<a href=”im:<sip:jack@example.com><sip:jill@example.com>”>Click Here to IM Jack and Jill </a> 

Some people think we should only use Vcard as in rfc 2426

This is in XHTML

<a href="wtai://wp/mc;1235551212">123-555-1212</a>
<a href="wtai://wp/ap;1235551212;Cool_Store">Add to Your Contacts</a>

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