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Espresso machine links


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A lot of the threads are 1/4 BSPP

Maintainence videos Olympia Maximatic/coffex


Loctite Food Grade Antiseize compound

Pipes and fittings

Testing Pump

With a new fluid-o-tech one w/o bypass - with the flow restricting nozzle (single hole disc) and empty portafilter (two outlets):

approx. 460g/min.
remeasured 3 times, approx. 540 g/min

Remember Double shot = 60ml 20 seconds is too short, 30+ seconds is too long so you really need 180ml/min at pressure.

Olympia Maximatic threads

Olympia 49mm Head sizes

Group Gasket

Olympia lists their group head gasket as 48 X 58 X 7


Nut that holds burr carrier on is 13mm
Use 3 M4x40 machine screws in the burr carrier holes - finger tight then 1/2 turn each - round robbin to remove lower carrier. Gentle -if stuck get gear puller. One could tapper the end of the screw and grind a smooth and flat end to the screw - touch of grease..
There is a shear-pin that meshes with the bottom burr carrier - so they need to be aligned when re-assembling. A ink mark on the carrier and a second on the top of the shaft can help with alignment.


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