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Coin Cell Date Codes

Coin Cell Date Codes - or Coin-cell are a little hard to find.

Two Letter code

They are on the side of the battery - it is a two letter code. The second letter represents the year of manufacture. As an example if it says YN 

The Y means which plant made them
The letter N is the 14th letter of the alphabet which means they were manufactured in 2014.

This is not a consistent code - Seiko used the first letter for the year ( F = 2015) and the second letter - less one - for the month.

For the Bunny  brand:

code VI is supposed to mean 2016 - could be because V = 22 - the BIUB date? would mean made in 2016? 22-6 = 16? -

ZA = Use by 2022 - manufactured 2018 (via email) A-76

BI has no date on packaging (A-76) - manufacture date of 2016 (via email)

KN - no use by date - (2014?) A-76

KN - JAN-2015
VI - JAN-2016
WC - JUL -2017

392/384 has ZC on packaging - nothing on batter (dishonest?)

ERC2031 has WC on packaging ( 2023? ) nothing on battery( shady practice?)

Might be time to start only using Japanese batteries - Sony,  Seiko, National = Panasonic, Mitsubishi - The Leporidae based batteries look to have moved to China.  The lack of date code on the battery is really bad news.

Some manufactures claim a 5 year shelf life - considered usable in this time - others more.  If it says use by 2022 - it was likely manufactured in 2017???

All reputable manufactures would make date code information available on the packaging. They really have a responsibility to at least communicate how to read the two-letter-code, but they don't.

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