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Cripple-ware Windoze or not in the gpl Open-Source Spirit

At this time (27 Jan 2011) gCAD3D is freeware Literaly from its website License: gCAD3D is freeware - may be used for any purposes free of costs - may be copied and distributed without restrictions - no restrictions for AddOn-Software (Plugins, DDL's)


" 30day free trial - I'm told it may be pretty good? need more info"
"Its a windows program but will run under wine and the betas are free. Works fine for basic needs.." "It has a bit of a learning curve, but it has a ton of power for it's price."
"I tried to use the EZCAM Express Turn software (about $1000) and after about 8 hours of banging my head against a wall I gave up.
The manual and documentation is terrible. I have worked with some really hostile software before but this stuff is really bad. I don't know how bad BobCad is, but EZCAM, at least the version I used (purchased new about two months ago) was truly horrible.
If you look at the CNCZone website they have a group, but the group came together chatted a lot about how great the software is for a couple of days and then there has been no activity for a long, long time. I think the exchange was rigged, seriously.
I wouldn't buy the software if it was $20. It is that bad.
"isn't open source but it is pretty reasonably priced and there is a Linux version as well as a Windows version. The Linux version is a little out of date at the moment but the Windows version runs well under Wine. I am working on an update to the Linux version.
"I had BobCad and it truly sucks. It was a complete waste of money for us. They sold it to us "twice" promising that it would just take a few small edits to the G-code translator to get it to work with Isel machines. After 4 months they still could not translate to Isel and Bobcad was worthless after lots of money and time wasted."
"For turning and milling I use FeatureCam. It has it's quirks but it's highly configurable and relatively easy to edit the post processor files to suit any machine. "
"It's very easy to use if you are coming from a solid model, so it works great with Alibre CAD (which is only $197) or another solid modeler (Rhino, Solidworks, Pro-E). You can also work from DXFs with it, but it loses many of it's benefits if you do. Visual Mill starts at $1k, but it does have a pretty good feature set for the price."
"Based on Visual Mill. Unfortunately, by most accounts Alibre CAM is buggier than the Standalone Visual Mill. Alibre also charges for Maintenance, and I believe Visual Mill does not, so in the end Visual Mill works out to be quite a bit cheaper. "
"has a build in g-code generator, compatible with EMS, or at least for the 3 axis what I have been using so far. It's extremely powerful and modifies the G-code even after the model has been changed, parametric to the power!!! It's does have some learning curve though, but you benefit from if if you make the same part in different configurations (sizes or family tables)."
"SprutCAM is really good and not expensive (free for educational use). There's a free trial version to download and it already includes a lot of postprocessors. I use it to generate the tool path for y 3+1 axes mill for about ten years now and really like it."
"(way to expensive) for 5 axes tool path generation. "

CAM module integrated into (very expensive as long as you donĀ“t use it for education only)."

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