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About Hypothyroidism

Key half lives

T3 ~ 2.5 days
T4 ~ 6.5 days
TSH ~ 1 hour
TRH 2.4 and 3.9 min for the initial phase of disappearance and 14.1 and 20.6 min for the later phase of disappearance for TRH and TRH-OH, respectively.

T3 is approximately 4 times as potent as T4 on a ug basis.

Thylor contains a ratio of 4:1 T4:T3 by mass.


Thyroid Schematic‎

as you move from hypothyroid towards hyperthyroid, HDL-C, ApoA-I, and HDL2b/large HDL-P are lowered, and Hepatic Lipase and Cholesterol Esther Transfer Protein are increased. Normally, we think that high HDL-C, ApoA-I, and HDL2b are good -- Perhaps this is where oxLDL comes in - should it be part of the yardstick to set thyroid replacement dosage? And do the declines in HDL cause an increase in oxLDL and Lp(a)?

(These people had no thyroid - not mild hypothyroid).

It looks like the t4/t3 ratio is a key factor - reduces Il-6 which might control Lp(a)?

Desiccated Thyroid - probably a wrong turn

Thyroid factoids

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