Transtronics Part Numbering System

All Transtronics part numbers start with a one to three characters long prefix to indicate the class of part. The numbers/letters after the prefix will have different meanings depending on the class of part.

I'm defining the prefixes with the following conventions:
A number/letter enclosed in brackets [I are required variables.
Numbers/letters enclosed in braces {} are optional.


AB- Anti-static Bag AB-[W]X[H3 AB-3X4.5
    W width in inches 3 inches
    H height in inches 4 1/2

ADH Adhesive


AE- Axial Electrolytics AE-[C]/[VJ{-s) AE-100/25-.25
    C capacitance in uF    l00uF
    V: minimum voltage rating    25 V
    S spacing in Inches    .25" spacing

    Gel = Gell cell

BX- Boxes and enclosures BX-[M]-[P3    BX-Bopla-E450
    M = Manufacture name BOPLA
    P = Manufactures part number    E450

CD- Ceramic Disk cap CD-[CCM](/\fl(T3{%){5} CD-102/200Z5UM.3
    C= capacitance in pF    10 - l000pf 1000
    M= multiplier        2
    V= voltage default is     50        200V
    T= DIELECTRICTC (NPO or Z5U))         Z5U
    %= TOLERANCE CODE                20%
    S= Spacing in inches Default : .2"     .3" spacing

CF- Carbon film resistor             CF[W]-[O] CF25-3K3
    W= Wattage in 100th of watts        250 MW or 1/4W
    0= value of ohms             3.3K ohms

CM- Ceramic Monolithic CM-[CCM]C/V){T)(%)(s) CM-1O4Z5UM.1
    C= capacitance in pF 10 - 100,000pf    100,000
    M= multiplier                    4

CON- connectors CCN-[N][T][5]{m} CON-37SDRT-F-IDC
    N= Number of pins    37
    T= type    subD right angle
    S= Sex    female
    M = Misc    Insulation displacement

CP- Ceramic Plate Capacitor CP[CCM]{/V}{T}{-s}     CP-104Z5M-.2
    C = capacitance in pF 10 - 100,000pf
    M= multiplier
    V= voltage default is     50            200V
    T= DIELECTRICTC (NPO or Z5U))         Z5U
    %= TOLERANCE CODE                    20%
    S= Spacing in inches Default : .2"         .2" spacing

CT- Capacitor Tantalum Surface mount CT[C/V]{p] CT10/10A
    C = CAPACITANCE in uF        10Uf
    V = Voltage rating        10 Volts
    P = EIA package code         EIA A

D- diode D-[N}    D-1N4148
N=    manufactures part number 1N4148

DT- bip Tantalum DT-[C]/[V]{-s} DT-100/25-.25
    C=  capacitance in uF        100uf
V= minimum voltage rating     25 V
    S= spacing in inches         .250 spacing
FU- Fuses FU-[A][S][V]        FU-6AGC125
    A= Amperage            6 amps
S= Style            AGC
V= Voltage            125 Volts

H-    Headers H-[R][S]{C} H-SIM5MM
R= number and type of rows    single row
    S= Sex                 Male
    C= Centers if not .10        5mm

HW-    Hardware HW(T){D}{L){M}          HW#4-40x1/2PP     HW-M3X14PP
Type= M= metric #=number    number        Metric
    D=diameter                4-40            3mm
L= length                ½”            14mm
M= misc                Pan Philip        Pan phili

L-    Inductor L-[V]/[A]         L-187/4
V= Value in uH             187uh
A= saturation current        4A

L-    label


LED- LED-[N][C]{H}            LED-T1-3/4REDH
    N= industry number        T1-3/4
    C= color                RED
    H= horizontal vert is default    Horizontal

MF- Metal film Resistor MF[P]-[V]     MF25-3K3
    P= Power                250 MW or 1/4W
    V= value in ohms            3.3K ohms

MO Metal Oxide Resistor M0{C}[P]-[V]      MOS100-3K3
    C= Case style                Small case
     P= Power                    1000 MW or 1W
    V= value in ohms                3.3K ohms

MOV- Metal oxide varistor MOV-[N]    MOV-13OLA2OA
    N: Industry number        13OLA2OA
NE- Neon lamps NE-[N]    NE-61230
    N= industry number

Q Transistor Q-[N]         Q-2N2222
N= Industry Number    2N2222

PCB- printed circuit board PCB-[N)[V}     CB-BDR3-1
N=    Name of board             BDR
    V=    Version number            3-1

PK-    Packaging Material

    PF- Poly film capacitor PF-[C]{/VXT}f-s}    PF-2/200J-.2
    C= capacitance in uF    10-l00,000pf    200p
    V= voltage default is 50            200V
T=tolerance                        J=5%
5: Spacing in inches Default : .1"         .2" spacing

PT- potentiometer PT-{D][O3[S]LV](t)    PT-1X4V1-100RT1O
    D= Diameter of size in tenths        .1X.4"
    Q= orientation H=horz or V=vert    vertical
S= lead spacing                .100
T= Number of turns default= 1        10

    PW- Power wire wound resistor PW[W]-[V]    PW5-2R
W= Wattage                        5 watts
    V= Value                        2 ohms
    R - surface mount resistor R[c]-[w]-[v]{t}{tc} R12-25-2K4-F
    c = case                         1206
        12=1206 08=0805 06=0603 04=0402   
    W= Wattage                        0.25 watts
    V= Value                        2,400 ohms
    T= Tolerance                    1%
       J=5% G=2% F=1% D=.5% C=.25 B=.1%
    tc= temp coefficent in ppm           

RE- Radial Electrolytics RE-[CI/[V](-s}    RE-100/25-.6
    C= capacitance in uF            lOOuF
    V= minimum voltage rating          25 V
    S= spacing in inches            .6" SPACING

RL- Relay    RL-LN]
N Industry number

RM- Radial Mica capacitor RM-[CCM](/V)(T)~-5} RM-102J-.3
    C= capacitance in pF 10 - 1000pf
    M= multiplier                    2
    V= voltage default is 50            50V
T= Tolerance                     code J
5= Spacing in inches Default = .2" .3" spacing

SIR- Resistor sip SIR{W}[W]}[N][P][V]G{T}            SIR100W10P9B4K7G2
    W= Milliwatt per element                100mW
    N= Number of pins                        10 pins
    E= Number of resistors                     9 resistors
    V= Value                            4.7K ohms
C= configuration-(B)USSED or (I) Isolated        Bussed
T= Tolerance                         G2 is 2%

SOC-    Sockets SOC-[T][N]{M}     SOC-DIP40M
T= Type DIP or SIP     DIP
N= number of pins     40 pins
M= Contact type        Machine contact


N= STICKER NAME        Pannel
V= VERSION            1

SW- Switch SW-[T][A]@[V][P]-[N]        SW-SPDTM10@12D34872
T= TYPE                        SPDT Momentary
A= Amperage rating                10A
V= voltage of amp rating            12
P= A for AC D for DC                 DC
N = Manufactures part #                34872

U-    Integrated Circuit U-[N]      U-LM374
N= Industry number        374

W- wire W-[G][U]-[C][T]            W-18UL1015-BLK-B
    G= gauge                18
    U= UL number            UL1015
    C= Color                Black
    T= type S = solid B= bondcoat    Bondcoat

XF- Transformer XF-[N]        XF-ST-6-16
    N = manus number        ST-6-16

XT- Crystal XT[N]-[F]        XT-1-4M0
    N= case code        1
    F= Frequency        4Mhz

XF- Transformer TF[NI
N:    manufactures part number
SW-SPST1O@ 125A-CA205-73

10 A
CA 205-73

74HC13 SN

Cad nomenclature for standard decal types


The first number is the spacing of the holes on the board.

Second number is the length of the package in the same plane as the PCB holes.

The third number is the width of the part package – perpendicular to the plane of the PCB holes.

The number after the dash is the finished hole size.

The first letter – where x is in the example

S is a standard 60 mil pad
R shows a Round part (with only one dimension)

The second letter – where y is in the example

P shows that the part is polarized and needs to be placed with a symbol to insure correct orientation.

D Is for a Diode outline.

NPN transistors have a schematic decal that can be numbered in more than one way. Thus there have to be NPN-EBC and NPN-BCE. And the pin s are numbered left to right 1-2-3.

A further problem is that standard decals such as SOT-23 may well have more than one numbering system. Thus the need to set a standard that looking at the top of the part, with the writing upside-up, pin one is on the lower left hand corner and they count counter clockwise as all chips should. Thus you will see some SOT23s that don’t follow this convention, and are number clockwise. These need to be designated as SOT-132.  A 5-pin version (SOT23-5) would normally be SOT23-5-12345.


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