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      The Short-lived Takeover

In the world of Ieiunium, there existed a warrior so powerful, he took over all of the known world within a week.   The warrior only had two allies, and was insanely powerful.  He was the greatest swordsman the Ieiunium ever knew, and his allies the best mages.  The world has been ruled with an iron fist since he has taken over.  This dictator's name was Raphael the Swift.
     There was one village on the coast that was outside of Raphael's dictatorship, mainly because it was so small he did not know it existed.   Little did he know that if he had taken that village, the three warriors that would defeat him would never have been trained.    But he did not and the three warriors were trained in the small village of Falconstrike.
     The three warriors were all male, and each wielded a different type of weapon.  Lance, the strongest of the three wielded a pair of dragon-hide gloves which were enchanted so that armor would have no effect against his punches.   Lance had a sturdy build, but was not muscular or skinny.  He was more of a compromise, strong, but still fast and skillful.    He had jet-black black hair, and piercing blue eyes.  Gin, another of the three wielded an enchanted oaken staff, which broke into three articulated pieces on his command.  Gin was tall and lanky, with brown hair and a single black eye.  His other eye was missing from a nasty literal run-in with a particularly solid tree.    The last of the trio was Vadik, a bulky man with a natural glare.  When holding his rather large battle-axe in one hand and his other resting upon the throwing knives on his thigh, he looked rather fearsome.  Dishwater blond hair helped.
     As the three set out for the town hall, Vadik asked rather gruffly "What d'ya think this job'll be?"
    "I know that it's an out of town job," Lance said.  "I think we need to bring back a few guys for the high mages to imprison."
    "Sounds fun.  What do you think their crime is?  It's gotta be bad for them to send out us high level bounty hunters,"  Gin said with a sly grin on his face.
    "I don't know, but I doubt it'll be easy.  The mages have been preparing top level imprisonment enchantments for weeks,"  Lance said as they slowed their pace to enter the town hall.
    As they walked in, nobody within the room stirred.  The receptionist desk was abandoned, and the wolf on the floor breathed lazily.  The roomy wooden town hall had the air of both a prison, and a inn.  
    "Wonder where the receptionist is,"  said Vadik as they walked into the back room where the mages dwelt.   
    "Ah, it's you three at last," said a spry old man as they walked in.   The old man wore the robes of an elder mage, and had a small goatee and white hair.  Bowing in unison, the three simultaneously greeted the old man.   "Rise.  You need to leave at once," the old man said, his face becoming gaunt.  "Your mission is simple.  Save the world."    Vannaka said
    "What?"  Gin asked.
    "Save the world.  The three you need capture have taken over the world.  You are the best bounty hunters there are, you should succeed.  You will be well paid for this mind you.   As you have seen throughout the past week, we mages have been preparing the most powerful imprisonment spells available,"  Vannaka said.  As he brought out a map he said " This is your target!" and pointed to a city on a country that looked like a boot.  "Our best mage will teleport you there, and await you for the return teleportation on the outskirts of town.  Any questions?"  
    "Yeah," said Gin.  "What exactly
is their crime? I mean...It's not exactly against a law to take over the world, is it?"
    "If the murder of thousands of civilians is not a crime in your eyes, you're better off joining them than fighting them.  After all... Falconstrike's warriors have been charged with keeping order in the world since the last world war,"  Vannaka said, giving Gin a particuarly nasty look.  A mage walked into the room, with a bag full of runes at his waist.  "It is time for you to leave.  Goodbye,"  Vannaka said as he stood up and walked away. 
    The mage looked at the trio, as if waiting for them to speak.  Lance gave a nod, and the mage roared "Group Teleport!"   What appeared to be a large emerald appeared and spiraled around the four of them.  The mage held up an ancient map with nothing that looked like a modern language on it, and touched two of his fingers to the city that Rapheal was dwelling at.  In an instant they were there.   
     "Where exactly
do we get magic anyway?"  Gin asked the mage.   
    The mage looked apprehensive and said "It's not really magic in a sense.  You're just channeling your energy to do something that you want.  Sometimes you need to combine it with certain materials, such as that emerald."  The mage rambled on, even though the three had stopped listening after the simple explanation.  The trio headed out for where Raphael and his two mages were stationed - the Colosseum.   
    "There are three warriors headed our way.  They seek to capture us," one of Raphael's two hooded allies said.  
     "Let them come.  Let them die before me!"  Raphael roared, tearing off his cloak, revealing his muscular torso, scarred face, and red hair.  Drawing his broadsword, he turned to his mages and said  "Where are these scum coming from?"
     "M'lord, we will come with you.  They will be in the middle of the Colosseum in about a minute,"  said one or the other of his mages.  
     "We'll await them there then, concealed,"  Raphael said.
    "Very well M'lord,"  said one of the mages as he took out an emerald; he then teleported them down to the center of the Colosseum.  The other mage brandished a shard of crystal clear glass and said quietly
    "Group Invisibility."  
    The mages and Raphael vanished.     
    Running to the center, weapons at the ready, Lance, Gin, and Vadik scoured the area with their eyes.   "I don't see 'nybody,"  Vadik said.   Suddenly a bolt of lightning, entwined with fire shot out at Vadik.  The spell hit him head on;  Vadik reeled on the spot and thrust out his axe to keep himself from falling.  "Mages,"  Vadik spat.  Gin charged the mage who had just revealed himself with the spell, and swung downward at him with his staff.
    "Conjure metal!"  the mage rasped.  A metal shield emblazoned with skulls appeared out of nowhere.
    "Break," whispered Gin, his staff became articulated; Gin then whipped it over the shield, and connected with the mages head.  The shield disappeared.  Reeling, the mage took a step back; his hood fell and revealed a gaunt, almost skull-like, shaven head.  Twirling his three section staff, Gin stepped forward with incredible speed, and brought down the staff.  With the aid of the spinning, the staff came down upon the mage like lighting; the staff hit the mage, and knocked him out cold.   The other mage and Raphael had materialized in the meantime, and were advancing upon Lance.  Vadik recovered from the spell and jumped forward, axe raised.  Vadik brought down the axe with all his might, aiming for the other mage.      "Disarm,"  the mage hissed angrily, and the axe flew into the sky.  However, Vadik was not a one weapon Juggernaut; he drew three of his throwing knives, and swiftly sent them flying at the mage.  The mage summoned another shield, and blocked two of the knives.   The third hit true; the mage wrenched it out of his arm, and glared at the trio.  Raising the knife, the mage curtly said "Chase."  The knife flew at Gin with incredible speed, and shot straight through his shoulder.     Gin cried out in pain and dropped his staff.  Staggering and gasping for breath, Gin clutched his wound.  But the knife had life still in it.  It flew for him again, with the same swiftness as the last time.  Gin raised his hand to block it, but only knocked it off course, the handle still hit him square in the head and knocked him out cold.  Vadik grabbed Gin's staff and swung it at the mage; the mage stepped nimbly aside and said "Growth."  The staff began to grow into a thick vine, wrapping itself around Vadik.  Vadik struggled, but still lost consciousness.  The vine appeared that it would kill Vadik, but Lance jumped at the mage;  he aimed a blow at the mage's head.  The force of the punch caused the mage to flip over backwards in midair once before hitting the ground, defeated.  The vine released Vadik.  
    "Most impressive,  "  Rapheal said,  stroking his chin.  "A pity I have to kill you." Leaping into the air aiming for Lance,  he swung his sword in a diagonal arc.  Lance jumped back just in time, but the intensity of his dodge caused him to trip.  Throwing out an arm to break his fall, Lance saw Raphael raise his sword for another blow.  Raphael brought down the sword before Lance had time to block or dodge.  The sword went flying out of Raphael's hands; he had lost his grip; letting it slip.  Laughing, Lance kicked Raphael in the stomach.  Raphael reeled, then drew a rapier.  Raphael thrust for Lance, but Lance nimbly stepped aside and jabbed Raphael in his scarred face.   The force of Lance's blow caused Raphael to step back.  Raphael thrust again, but changed the direction of the thrust, and ran through the side of Lance's abdomen.  
    "You missed every vital organ," Lance said with a smirk.  Raphael withdrew the rapier;  Lance grabbed the rapier with his left hand before Raphael could have time to draw back for another thrust, and snapped it in two.  Dropping the rapier, Lance instantly unleashed a flurry of punches.  After the blow to the stomach that stunned Raphael, Lance threw an uppercut, then jabbed at his face with his other arm;  he finished him off with a hook, and a cross.  Lance watched him fall, the fire in his eyes disappearing.
     Lance returned to the Colosseum w
ith the mage.  "Awaken,"  the mage said.   As Gin and Vadik rose the wizard said "Heal," and Gin's wounds faded into scars.      Taking out two emeralds, the mage teleported them back to Falconstrike.  All was well, with Rapheal T. Swift behind bars at last.

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