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       The Mcfly Takeover

It is the year 2045. The world is in utter chaos, with wars spewing from country to
country, over petty matters such as country names. One country is not engaged in war, the greatest of them all. Zimbabwe. However, many countries are planning to team up and attack Zimbabwe because its name is way cooler than theirs. All the countries(except Chad) are going to attack Zimbabwe. One native Zimbabwayin can stop it in an "unorthodox" way.
    Ezekial, has a sure-fire plan to stop Zimbabwe from being demolished from the face of the earth. Since he's 314,159,265 years old, he's seen many wars, and knows how to stop this one for sure. The only way he can do it is to take over the entire world. He's the only person capable of it, knowing everything there is to know about taking over the world. Even if the world decides not to attack Zimbabwe, Ezekial will still take over the world. It's the only way to fix it. But he only demolishes countries if they attack him first. Recently Canada had attacked, but Ezekial fought alongside his troops and drove them out.   
    Just after the fight, Ezekial arrived back at his base.  "Lackey #1!" shouted Ezekial. 
    "Yes m'lord?"
    "Initiate nuclear warhead B7"
    "Aye sir. Canada will be off the map after this!"
    "It was on the map before?"
    "Oh. Righto."
    Ezekial rose from his chair and began making rounds in his secret base, situated in the capital of Zimbabwe. His first conquest since he took over the world was France, but he was not very proud of that. After France, he was moving on to Canada, since they speak french there also. Ezekial did not particularly like this job of taking over the world, but his country would be naught but a a crater if he did not. Ezekial slowed his pace as he arrived at the surviellance room, and opened the door. Ezekial walked in, and began looking at the monitors.
    "Any significant activity?" asked Ezekial to no one in particular.
    " None sir! The most action we've seen against us is the Jamacia sending e-mail scams."
    "Hmm.....Target the source of the scams and send the death ray operators the coordinates of the spammer."
    "Aye sir!"
    Swivelling around, Ezekial stepped out of the room and began to resume his rounds. His next stop was on the other side of the base. His base had a few rooms for controlling his weapons of mass destruction, including his nuclear cruise missiles, his death ray satellite, and bug spray. Ezekial walked by all of these, and also walked by the interrogation block, which was empty at the moment. Also along his way was the dungeon, with air ducts along the rooms, but only measuring 1ft by 6in. The dungeon keys were not located just outside the prisoner's reach, but instead in an office down the hall. Ezekial finally arrived at his destination, the main control room. However, the door to this room was labeled:Sewage Processing Plant. This room controlled all weapons, gave him status of all of his troops, gave him status of all his rivals/enemies, and had a list of his plans of what to do after taking over the world. It also had a map of the kind you would find at a mall right outside the door, but everything was intentionally mislabeled, such as the main control room actually being the interrogation/deathtrap room.
    Ezekial sat down at his chair, which had a extremely elegant vase beside it.
    "Which country should we take over next Bob?" The vase stirred, and replied:
    "Nigeria. Too many e-mail scams from there."
    "No, we got Nigeria already. Which do you think is the most of a threat to us?"
    "China by far, they're overpopulated.  They could actually stand their ground in the  event of a battle."
    "Alright. Should I use the Nuclear missiles or the bug spray?"
    "The bug spray."
    Ezekial had one of his monitors swivel around to him, and the satellite image of the world popped up. Ezekial targeted China and activated the bug spray. A fine mist sprayed down all over China, killing cockroaches, and many disease carrying bugs. When the bug spray settled down, the liquid grouped together and turned into one large humanoid shape. The shape's arm began to form the words Surrender, or I will attack.   The Chinese government eventually surrendered to the blob, and the satellite sucked the bug spray back up.
    Ezekial relaxed the controls and let the bug spray go from aggressive to neutral. "We need a more efficient way to do this non-lethally," Ezekial said.
    "Yeah, that bug spray takes too long. We should just send in our army, dropping them straight off at the country's main government building. Then we make a show of force and capture every main government official. If they refuse to surrender, then we use the death ray to target a tree. If that doesn't scare them, we'll widen the beam width and destroy a national monument."   
    "It'll probably work. Let's try it out."
    Ezekial arrived at his space station with Bob under his arm. The space station was identical to his fortress,  just in...space. Ezekial strode over to the control room and sat down, and threw Bob into the corner. Bob bounced around the padded corner for a little while. Letting out a snarl, Bob said "Do that again and I'll show you how well a vase can fight."
    "Alright, sorry." Ezekial said , suppressing a snicker.
    The death ray controls slowly interchanged with the bug spray controls, causing Ezekial to wait a few minutes. The government officials were captured in the meantime. When they were finally interchanged, Ezekial grasped them and targeted the capital of Russia. Flipping a switch, Ezekial turned on his megaphone that worked through miles and miles of space.
"Attention Russians! If you do not surrender, this will be your countries fate,"  Ezekial yelled as a giant blue ray of light came down and completely demolished a tree.
    "Ve vill not surrender for a tree, you Vimbabweian scum!" spat the Russian president.
    "Oh? How about this? I'll stretch the beam to the size of your country, and kill you all," Ezekial said. The beam came down and destroyed a large national monument.
    "Ech...Very vell....ve surrender...."

    "Good. Send the papers to P.O. box 314159."
    The troops released the government officials and disappeared into the day.
    Ezekial stood up with his eyes slowly becoming red and said "You know...After all these countries have been taken over, I'll finally be the dictator, bending people to my will. MUHAHAHAHA!"   
    He did just that after he turned evil, and built a huge base located at the most desolate island in the world, Bouvet Island. The island was ideal, with icy rocks bordering the entire island.   
    The base wasn't too large, only 15 square miles. The entire island was 30 square miles. Transportation to and fro m the base was a bit of a problem, as the only method of transportation available was plane or helicopter. Nevertheless, Ezekial and Bob established a base on this island, with a few score troops. Antiaircraft stations were located at the island's corners, as well as one in the center of the base. There were a few warthog assault vehicles, a jeep with two seats in front, as well as a large antiaircraft/infantry gun located on the back. Air patrol consisted of a few fighter jets made by Ezekial himself, armed with dual gatling guns and 4 cruise missiles. Also there were helicopters armed with a single gatling gun and 10 cruise missiles. The island only had roads leading to the antiaircraft stations, as the island was very overgrown. Ezekial also managed to get a internet connection for the island. With all of this, who would dare attack? None other than Lance Mihawk, bounty hunter for hire.
    Lance Mihawk had been hired by the WSO - The World Saving Organization. Walking out of a meeting with the head of the WSO, Lance asked "So I just have to infiltrate the place and kidnap this Ezekial guy?"   
    "Yes. You leave now," the WSO leader said as they arrived at the hanger.
"You have a total of 30 minutes to get him out. I'll re-brief you - you'll be dropped from a mach 20 plane that'll fly over Bouvet Island, without a parachute. You'll need to throw an anti-gravity grenade before you land, or...You'll die. In addition, you need to disable the anti-aircraft guns from the main control room. We'll land at the front of the base, and you'll have 20 seconds before we leave. His troops are expert marksmen, we don't want to dwell there long." 
    "Alright, let's go," Lance said.
    Shrieking along the sky, the jet approached Bouvet Island, slowing down a bit as they got closer. At about 20 miles away, the doors to the plane opened. A crew member said to Lance "You need to jump right when the doors flash red. If you take longer than two seconds to jump out, you'll crash into the ocean or the rocks."  
    The plane slowed down considerably as the approached. Lance stood up and waited for the doors to flash red. Within a second the doors began to flash, and Lance hurled himself out of the jet. Lance plummeted toward the ground, anti-gravity grenade at the ready.
    30 feet from the ground, Lance pulled the pin from the grenade, and threw it at the ground. Lance slammed his eyes shut, expecting a hard lurch, but instead felt a gentle deceleration, along with a floating sensation. Opening his eyes and looking around, he realized that he was suspended 5 feet in the air. Scratching his head, he tried to remember how long this would last.  15 seconds, right...? Lance thought to himself as the 14th second passed. Suddenly Lance plummeted into the ground, stopping with a large thud. Lance dusted off his state of the art black "Dragonhide" armor, which in reality was actually a bulletproof leather-like synthetic material. Pushing his goggles aside, he reached for his gps.
    The readout on the gps revealed that he was not far from the main part of the base, only around 100 meters. Lance put his gps away, and put his goggles back on. He fiddled with the switch on his goggles until they yielded a thermal display. Lance began to run toward the base, adjusting his gauntlets as he did so. His gauntlets and boots were simply hardened "Dragonhide", resulting in feeling like rocks. They were the ideal weapon for silently defeating opponents in tight spaces. He slowed to a jog as he approached the base.
    As Lance arrived at the base, he scanned the area with his thermal/night-vision goggles. He saw that there were two men on the other side of the door he was planning to enter. Sneaking up to the door, he tried to open it silently, but found that it was locked.
    Lance took out his lockpicks, and began to work on the door. Finally the door unlocked, and he slowly opened it. One of the three guards saw him, but before he could shout out, Lance catapulted through the door and dispatched the guard with a few quick jabs to the jaw. The other guards heard the noise, and turned to face him, with their guns raised. Diving foward, Lance grabbed one of the guards' guns; and dove to the floor as he kicked the other guard's gun out of his hands. Springing to his feet, Lance slammed the butt of the gun into one guards face, and kicked at the other guard's legs. Losing his balance, the guard fell over; the other guard grabbed his face, muttering curses at Lance. Lance dove at the guard, grabbing his arm.  He then pulled a knife on Lance;  Lance grappled his arm then slammed him into the wall before he could do any damage. The remaining guard grabbed a gun lying on the floor and aimed it at Lance. Before the guard could shoot, Lance went into a slide, toppling the guard. Lance whipped out a stun gun used it to knock out the guard before he could shoot.
    Lance switched off his thermal goggles to fully examine his surroundings. The room was just a simple guard station, with a supply closet. The three guards lying at his feet were clothed with dark gray body suits, along with a kevlar vest and black ski mask over it. They were armed with grenades, combat knives, and rifles, one to each of them. Lance stooped into a crouch to examine the rest of the guards equipment. The guards had spare ammo, radios, and flashlights. As he shoved all the guards into the supply closet, Lance took out his gps again. As he stepped out of the supply closet and shut the door, he mentally mapped his route.
    Putting away his gps and flicking on his goggles, Lance stepped outside the guard station into the hall. Lance slowly made his way to the main control room. A single guard drew a bead on him, but Lance threw a fast acting tranquilizer at him. The guard fell to the floor, knocked out. Lance opened a door on the corridor, and shoved the guard in the room. Little did he know that the room was full of guards.
    The room full of guards contacted Ezekial. "Sir, we have a guard here that's out cold, a man dressed in black deposited him, requesting orders." Ezekial said                 "Where is he headed?" The guards responded 

    "It looks like he's headed to the main control room." 

    "Let him come to me then, I'll deal with him. Relay this message to all guards." Ezekial said as he walked to his war cabinet. Ezekial opened the cabinet and took out a pair of 8 shot revolvers, and a mid-length sword about 3 feet long. Ezekial loaded the revolvers, donned his battle armor, and sheathed his sword. He walked to his desk, and faced the door, revolvers drawn and aimed at it.
    Lance looked through the door before going in, and saw that Ezekial was awaiting him. He switched off his goggles and ran at the door.  With a leaping kcik, he smashed the door open, only to be greeted by Ezekial opening fire on him. Ezekial relentlessly shot at Lance, cackling like a madman. Lance dove out of the way, but still took a shot in the center of his torso. Luckily, the "Dragonhide" took most of the damage, but there was still a light injury. Moaning in pain, Lance dove to the side as the last few bullets were fired. "Muhahahaha!" Ezekial roared as he leaped towards Lance, drawing his sword. Lance dove to the side, narrowly avoiding the jagged sword. The electrified blade whistled through the air, directed at Lance's head. Lance bashed the slash off-course with his fist, and sprang into a fighting stance. Ezekial also drew himself into a fighting pose, his eyes filled with fury. Ezekial sprang at Lance, sword first, slashing at him. Lance grappled Ezekial's arm, and rolled him into the ground. The two warriors crashed into the ground, with Ezekial taking all the damage. Before Ezekial could manage to attack with his odd blade, Lance pinned his arm to the ground, and knocked Ezekial out with a devastating punch to the face. Heavily bleeding, Lance walked over to the control desk.
    Lance deactivated all of the anti-aircraft guns, and glanced at his watch, revealing that he had two minutes to get out. Lance slung Ezekial over his shoulder in a fireman carry, and ran outside.
    The chopper landed in front of the base, and Lance jumped in. Thus ended the reign of Ezekial Mcfly.

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